Our Mission



The secret to healthy living begins with food choice, so we always offer you the food your body craves! We serve organic, plant based farm to table food and offer many raw and gluten free options! Enjoy our curated smoothie blends and fresh organic juices. We encourage you to try a three or five day detoxifying full body cleanse to get a jumpstart to health!


When we all live a sustainable life, full of love and integrity – we build stronger bonds. We encourage the use of our event space for local events and art/wellness classes! We are happy to host birthday parties or gatherings in the community. We aim to give back to our community by serving healthy food options to strengthen mind-body-spirit connections. We are so honored to hold space for people in the community to come together in a healthy and creative atmosphere. Our hope is to make stronger bonds and grow our community in health and deeper connection. Let us know how we can help you!

Our Story

Green Lane Naturals was an idea started with a health change after the difficult loss of my mother Ellen to a battle with cancer. Ellen was the owner of The Clay Cottage, a pottery and ceramic studio encouraging others to create unique pieces of functional art for their homes. As her daughter I want to follow in her footsteps and help encourage stronger, more united communities through health and wellness. Green Lane Naturals aims to be environmentally friendly with zero waste products that do not add to the pollution of the planet. 




Meet the Team

Natalie Valeriano - Owner

Natalie is the visionary of Green Lane Naturals and is thrilled to be an advocate of health for the Green Lane community! She encourages everyone to join her on the quest for wellness and health in Green Lane and beyond! Sustainability, Optimal Health, Agriculture and Connection are what she aims for with Green Lane Naturals.


Wendy Landiak - Vegan Chef

Master Plant Based Chef Wendy Landiak has partnered with Green Lane Naturals to offer you the delicious vegan food of your dreams! She is a pioneer of the organic and vegan community and puts love into all of her creations.


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3113 Main St. Green Lane, PA 18054


Wednesday – Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

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(215) 234-4204


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Come Visit Us!

Green Lane Naturals


3113 Main St, Green Lane, PA 18054


Wednesday – Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Phone | Email

1 (215) 234-4204 | greenlanenaturals@gmail.com

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